Sexy Spandex Gear

Spandex has become such a popular material among the world’s population today. Sexy spandex gear has been specially created for those couples who have a fetish for spandex, which makes their physical activities with each other so much more fun. There are spandex hoods that fit over a Master’s head as he directs his submissive to do his bidding. It gives a bit of secrecy and excitement to roleplaying of all kinds. The submissive most probably already knows the identity of the man wearing the hood, but not seeing it can bring more than a few chills. The Master may also wear pants created from spandex to add even more mystery to the experience.

There is also sexy spandex gear for women, too. These can be such things as lace up corsets, thigh high boots, and an eye mask for the Mistress. She might also be carrying a small riding crop to make sure that her submissive obeys her every command. Women have a bit of an advantage with spandex wear because they can also wear mini-skirts and dresses or even tight fitting spandex pants. Obviously, men have the choice of spandex pants as well. The point is that once you begin searching for spandex items, you will be able to find anything that makes you happy.

It can be argued that spandex gear and the love of it is more a lifestyle than a fetish, either way you want to look at it is fine as long as you practice it for pure enjoyment. In many ways I find playing with spandex gear as much fun and as exciting as having sex. My cock must agree with me since it get's soaking wet with pre-cum every time I wear spandex. I can be on a busy beach wearing a tiny little thong and it feels so good my cock just flows with juice. I am constantly getting up to rinse off in the water both to cool down and to clean all the pre-cum on my suit. Having a huge wet spot all the time can be a little embarrassing though it is a great magnet to attract other men if that is your thing. Men are attracted to a pre-cum wet spot like having a serious sweet tooth and working in a candy store. This happens to me when I wear spandex tights to the gym. If I am working out a mostly gay gym and I feel like having a new man that day I will leave the wet spot go and it always attracts new meat to play with in the steam room. Otherwise I will wear a pad like what the girls wear to keep from spotting, they work very well be tend to smooth out my bulge.

Spandex Gear
Spandex gear

There is a world of exciting spandex gear designs for men, let us open it up for you.

The Many Uses of Spandex Gear

Spandex gear is an all-encompassing statement for all spandex attire. Spandex is a versatile material and can be used for so many different kinds of outfits. Spandex often serves for workout attire, with spandex shorts or leggings being a popular trend. Spandex is also great for swimwear. Spandex bikinis, spandex briefs, spandex thong bikinis or micro swimsuits. All of them are fashionable and sexy. Many dancers also use spandex in the form of body suits. Ballerinas often wear spandex during practice sessions. Spandex gear is called “gear” because it is most beneficial to active people. When people are pumping iron at the gym, kicking their legs in the water, or stretching their legs above their heads, spandex is there to effortlessly encapsulate each muscle and conform to each bend of the body. People who work out, even in the mildest of exercise routines, will embrace the use of spandex. Even lots of yoga practitioners will wear stretchy, spandex yoga pants. It is the perfect material for the active man or woman.

Keep Looking at Spandex Gear Options

With so many options in spandex gear being available these days, you might think that there is nothing new for you to try out in public. It seems like everywhere you go there are guys wearing spandex items that they have bought online. Most guys are probably thinking that there is no reason to even start looking for anything new because all of the designs they have seen so far have been at the peak of fashion. But you might be surprised at what is coming around the next corner and if you are not paying attention, the newest spandex gear could pass you right by. Start looking for these designs now so that you can be ready for when they introduced to the public. It is always better to stay ahead of the curve than to be the last guy on the beach wearing something that everyone else has already grown tired of wearing. You do not want to be that guy so stop thinking that you have seen everything there is to see when it comes to spandex because you could not be more mistaken.