Semi sheer swimsuit
spandex gear for men

There is a world of exciting spandex gear designs for men, let us open it up for you.

About us

The boys of Spandex Gear

We are a playful bunch whether at the beach of at a spandex party wearing penis exposing cock display wear we are into the spandex lifestyle. Our mission in life is to get other men and women into spandex. To let them know how much fun and how erotic and stimulating it is to wear. There are so many designs for men, designs made to get you hot, there are spandex cock stretchers, spandex cock pouches, sex suits to make your sex play better and longer lasting. You can have so much fun with spandex gear. There are designs made to be used at work. Men's leggings are all the rage and these skin tight wonders are as sexy and comfortable as what the girls are wearing. We are here to guide you to the next level, to help you find your dream spandex and have you share your new finds with friends. Our dream is to get every man into wearing spandex.


Spandex gear

I love all the new spandex gear that is coming out these days. I can remember when I first got involved in spandex and how difficult it was for me to find that things that I really wanted to wear. It didn’t matter where I looked, there just wasn’t that many options available for me to choose from. Now that there are more guys out there willing to get involved in wearing things like this, the amount of options for spandex gear has risen dramatically. Now I can go to just about any website and find something that I absolutely need to have in my life. The only issue I end up having is determining just how much money that I am comfortable with spending when I am shopping for something new. To be honest thought, I would be willing to spend every penny I have in the bank in order to buy the things that I want to try out. I just wished I had enough money to open my own store so that I could order extra and take home some of the designs that I really like.